Health Recovery Homes

A hospital stay is rarely good news – but getting to go home usually is…unless you have no home. This scenario plays out daily in hospitals across our city.  Gennesaret’s Health Recovery Homes (HRH) were developed in response to hospitals discharging homeless people to emergency shelters that were not staffed or equipped to assist someone in the final stages of healing from a hospitalization.

For homeless men, they are now discharged to Gennesaret’s Health Recovery Home for Homeless Men.  Originally, homeless men were found to need this service more than homeless women, as their numbers were greater.  However over the last few years GFC has seen an increased need for an HRH for homeless women.

In 2012, Gennesaret convened a group of stakeholders to better assess the hospital discharge needs of homeless women. The needs assessment found:

  • The women will be 40 and older and will be hospitalized for infections,
    respiratory issues, heart related issues, surgeries, and trauma; and will have a
    history of substance abuse/ mental illness.
  • Hospitals often extend the stay of homeless women due to inadequate discharge
  • Homeless women face a greater likelihood in being re-admitted due to a lack of
    appropriate discharge arrangements.
  • The needs assessment concluded there is a need for a Health Recovery Home for Homeless Women.

Our home is located at 2048 S. Meridian Street, secured from the City of Indianapolis.  The home serves up to four women at one time, for 1,460 patient days annually.  Based on an average length of stay of 45 days, the HRPHW will serve approximately 30 women a year, and will cost approximately $100.00 a patient day to operate.  The home is sustained through third party billing, hospital per-diems, grants, and donor support.HCRPHW_HousePic

Program Components:
• Is based on a home healthcare model.

Each woman:
• Has a room of her own in a handicapped accessible house
• Is provided with food, clothing, & case management services
• Is provided transportation to outpatient appointments
• Is staffed 24/7

The property is also home to South Circle Farms – a woman owned organic farm.  Nutrition classes and fresh produce are incorporated into the program.


The Heath Recovery Home for Homeless Men opened in July 2000 and provides after hospital care for up to 8 homeless men in two residences. It has received both local and national recognition for program effectiveness. In fiscal year 2016, the HRPHM served the needs of 35 men.

These programs are based on a home healthcare model and
the Gennesaret Men’s Health Recovery Home
was the very first program of this kind in the state of Indiana.