Our History

Gennesaret Free Clinics came into being in 1988, when Dr. James A. Trippi, a local physician, was volunteering at a church soup kitchen. As he watched the homeless people shuffle through the line, he began diagnosing their ailments in his head. When asked if they had medical care, the response he heard was ‘no’. Seeing a need, Dr. Trippi packed his black bag and brought some of his colleagues together to treat homeless persons who slept on the pews of a local church. From that encounter in February 1988, Gennesaret Free Clinics became the first agency in Indianapolis to bring medical care to homeless persons. Gennesaret Free Clinics – a human response to a community need.

Over the years, Gennesaret Free Clinics has grown and thrived through the willingness, dedication and hard work of over 200 volunteer health care professionals and others from our community. Today, Gennesaret Free Clinics has medical clinics in one shelter, a church, a mobile medical van and clinic sites in two food pantries – all staffed by volunteers. Other programs of Gennesaret Free Clinics include a Dental and Wellness Clinic, a Women’s Health Initiative, Health Recovery Programs for homeless men and women who have been hospitalized and need a place to heal,a Vision Care Program, and the Jamie Blackwell Loveless Annual Flu Vaccine Clinic. Gennesaret Free Clinics – a community response to a community need, dedicated to healing.